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Through our TBC Paid Source the programs our members build their skills by working on stipend-backed open-source projects. We know there’s strength in numbers, and together - we can continue to diversify tech.

Apply today to be apart of our next TBC Paid Source cohort! You'll be able to drop and and work on projects that will help your community grow!

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What is

Paid Source

TBC Paid Source is our stipend-backed open-source initiative that allows our community members to get hands-on experience by helping to code, design, write, and project managers community-driven projects. This provides every member of any skill level the opportunity to cultivate marketable skills to land their next job or promotion.

The Problem

Companies can be skeptical about hiring recent Bootcamp grads and technologists who are self-taught, even in positions labeled as entry-level, in fear that they may not have enough experience working with a team or on live products. With TBC Paid Source, we prepare our
members with open-source projects that help them gain the experience that they need to impress hiring teams and succeed in their field long term.

The open-source community historically has not been welcoming to underrepresented individuals. In Github's 2017 open-source survey 50% of the 5,500 respondents reported witnessing toxic interactions in this space. 18% of those who reported witnessing toxic interactions experienced it first hand. Toxic environments mixed with the fact that underserved communities have additional responsibilities (such as being caregivers or needed to work multiple jobs) many do not have the privilege of working without pay.

The Solution

  1. Allow individuals to use their skills in a work like environment that can go on their resume as a real product that they worked on for a real company
  2. Focus on getting all skill sets involved since the development/product cycle includes more than just developers.
  3. This could be a direct way to allow mentors to mentor in a passive way, by doing code reviews and giving design/project management feedback to our contributors. 

Why Now?

2020 brought record-high unemployment rates leading to more people looking to transitioning into the tech industry. Many have decided to join bootcamps or go down the self-study path. This will lead to a number of underrepresented adults who will be the first in their immediate family to start this tech journey. Through our program, we will be able to provide mentorship and work experience to help the cohort involved make a smooth transition into the tech industry.

Today's world created the perfect environment for us to help those looking to break into tech. TBC Together also supports those in the industry looking to level up by learning modern technology, best practices, and leadership skills. Many companies do not have growth plans to help people advance. This adds to marginalized individuals being historically overlooked for internal growth opportunities. Through this program we provide our mentors with growth opportunities that will help them advance in their career.

Who Does This Help?

Anyone apart of the TBC community will be able to apply for the cohort openings using this link. Because Tech by Choice is a remote-first nonprofit, we're able to accept members from anywhere in the United States. This program will run in 1-year cycles with a max of 10 cohort members.

While this TBC Together program is opened for all backgrounds and lived experiences, this program was created for the most marginalized members of our community. Because of this, we have decided to make our open source program stipend back. This way those who do not have the privilege of working for free can participate in this program with less sacrifice.

How We Track Impact

We're always looking for more community driven projects that will provide our members the opportunity to receive mentorship while building their portfolio. You can submit your ideas using this link!

Apply today to be apart of our next TBC Paid Source cohort! You'll be able to drop and and work on projects that will help your community grow!

How To Support

There’s strength in numbers, and together - we can continue to diversify tech. Do you have a project that can help our next cohort grow their skillset? Get in touch with us to submit your ideas to our team, and you can help our members gain the valuable experience they need in their STEAM careers.

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