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Together, we can kickstart your career in tech.

We’re a nonprofit passionate about helping people interested in technology, no matter their experience level.

Through low to no-cost events, skill-building sessions, and workshops - Tech by Choice aims to pave the way for anyone to enter into any role in the tech industry and close any existing wage gaps.

*STEAM Stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

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Diversity in Tech demands action!

We’re leveling the playing field, one tech job at a time.

Currently, there is an unfair advantage in the tech industry that favors those that are in positions of power.
At Tech By Choice, we’re actively working to close the gap between wealth inequality so that the marginalized aren’t left behind.

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of candidates hired in tech roles are cisgender men.


of C-Level execs in tech are white.


POC are paid 23% less then white candidates in
Entry Level positions.

How We Make a Difference In Tech.

By focusing on our 3 key pillars we’re leveling the playing field one technologist at a time.


By understanding personal and career goals, we help underrepresented adults find roles that are best suited for them in tech.


Marginalized groups face additional barriers both inside and outside of work. Through
workshops around mental health, financial literacy, and more - we help others break through these barriers to reach their desired goals.


Landing a dream role in tech isn’t enough. Through community support, mentorship, and workshops - we ensure that our members have all the tools they need to thrive in their tech journey.

Ready to change the future of tech?

Diversifying the Tech Industry isn’t an easy job, and it won’t happen overnight. We can drive this mission forward with your support and create a better tomorrow for Tech by Choice members.

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