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About Us

We are a community aimed to increase diversity in the tech industry one technologist at a time.
We offer low to no-cost events, workshops, and classes to help support individuals in protected groups enter and stay in the tech industry.

Our Mission

Increase the diversity of the Science Engineering Art and Math (STEAM) industries by offering low to no-cost skill-building events, workshops, and classes to adults in protected groups to ensure individuals know they can enter, stay, and thrive in STEAM.

Our Vision

Increase the wealth with quality of life of protected groups by creating a space to learn the technical and nontechnical skills required for roles in the tech industry.

Our Team

Image of Valerie

Valerie Phoenix

Executive Director
Image of Ebony Smith

Ebony Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Tracie Howard Womack

Director of Partnerships

Our Values


Diversity is key to having a well rounded outlook on any problem you may face. The more diverse a team is, is the more life experiences and viewpoints you will be privy to.


We ask our members to come to us as they are, so we must remember to be open to meet them where they are.


In order to keep our space a safe space, we have to make sure all of our decisions are directly inline with our mission and overall vision for our members' safety.


Acquiring knowledge is important, but sharing knowledge is how we grow as a group.


To excel for our members, we must remember to put them first.

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Share your knowledge with the Tech By Choice community by hosting an online workshop! We are looking for talks around around career and personal development. No matter your flavor of tech (graphic designer, marketer, data scientist, developer, etc), or skill level, we would love to learn from you!

Tech By Choice

Diverse By Design

Have any questions or looking for way to help support our mission? Feel free to contact us any time through any of our social media accounts below, or via email.

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