The next revolution will be in code. We're changing the narrative.


Tech by Choice is closing the wage gap in marginalized communities by helping underpaid adults transition into tech.

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Who We Are.

Our founder, Valerie Phoenix, started Tech by Choice in 2018 to help marginalized communities have access to personal development and skill building workshops.

Since 2018 we have host 28 events, supported 1,027 members, and grown to 3 chapters (Los Angels, Oakland, and DMV).

We know representation matters and we're helping people in our community enter, stay, and thrive in tech.


Our TBC Together program is disrupting diversity in tech.

Our initiative allows our community members to get stipend backed, hands-on experience by helping to code, design, write, and project manages our community driven projects. This provides every member of any skill level with the opportunity to cultivate marketable skills to land their next job.


We’re working for the day the diversity of companies user base  matches the diversity of those who build tech.

We invasion a more just tech industry whose creators reflect and serve the demographics of all their users. 


The lack of diversity in tech is an issue that affects everyone.

Every year underrepresented tech workers burn out due to lack of support and in the workforce.

Lack of diversity creates an environment that creates technology that harms marginalized individuals.

With your donation Tech by Choice can change this narrative and make tech a welcoming place for all.

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Of women leave the industry after one year of working in tech.


Individuals reported facing race or ethnicity discrimination.


Of Indigenous people struggle to find mentors