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Where We Stand

Our statement for the event of May 2020

If anyone has any question on where this organization stands in regards to the recent protest over the countless lives lost due to systemic racism that plagues our globe, I'm afraid you don't understand Tech By Choice. Our mission. Our values. Our community. Our leadership. Our board.

Our current social unrest did not start with Emmett Till and did not end with George Floyd. The black lives lost during the week of May 25 was the tipping point of the unjust treatment of Black people that has been going on for the last 400+ years. No amount of words can express the hurt, anger, and fear our community is going through.

We are all grieving.

Recent events had me question several things. How can we thrive if they don't think we matter? If they don't think we deserve civil rights? If they don't see us?

To me, the best part of being black in tech has been using tech to enhance my ability to turn nothing into something. This is why Tech By Choice is on a mission to ensure underserved adults know they can enter, stay, and thrive in STEAM (Science Technology Art Engineering and Math) because we have always thrived. And always will.

But we can't lose hope.

Do not let our silence be confused with being complicit. We stand with every person protesting. They are our hope.

Our leadership and board are working harder than ever to keep this hope going. Stay tuned for the action we take.

In the meantime remember statements can easily become empty promises. Hold us, and others, accountable to these statements.

If you feel inclined to donate to organizations, we ask that you do your homework and lookup these organizations on sites like Guidestar. Find organizations that are doing the work but don't have the funding that well-known organizations have.

Founder & CEO
Tech By Choice

#BlackLivesMatter #SayHerName

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