Contributing Guidelines


Steps to get started:

  1. Join our Slack channel
  2. Fill out the volunteer form
  3. Visit our project on TBC Github website repo
    1. Read our Code of Conduct
    2. View our Tasks on Git Issues
  4. Make yourself at home in this community.
    1. Have fun
    2. Ask tons of questions
    3. Answer questions when you can
    4. Makes lots of suggestions

Project categories:

  • Website development
  • Workshop/Class material development
  • Product Design and Strategy
  • Graphic Art for TBC swag and for our website

Important Links:

Webinar recordings:

Design Call 6/28/2019

General OS contribution call 5/26/2019


TBC Github website repo

Current TBC Styleguide:

TBC styleguide

Assets on Google Drive:

Google Drive link

Read about Open Source Communities:

The Art of Community (PDF)